IGM Forum Finds – Scooter of Love

François Hollande, the President of France (you knew that right?), and Barack Obama, the President of the US of A, are teaming up in their common goal: To escape the mundane everyday of their relationships and join up with their lovers. (In this case, Hollande’s Julie, and Barack has his eyes on Beyoncé.) Can the two escape the paparazzi and their wives/ex-es as they rush through the city?

Scooter of Love may look like a Flappy Bird clone, but it goes above and beyond the formula. It’s true that the scooter “flaps” and dodges pipes, but touching one is not the end of the game. The true danger is behind the presidents, so they need to do whatever they can to not slow down and clear the pipes. On the way, the elected pick up powerups that let them steamroll through the pipes in magnificent fashion and help them deal with their pesky wives. All in good humor!

Agooloo Studios has done a tasty take on something political — and made a fun game, too. Scooter of Love is democratically available to anyone, for free, on Android devices from Google Play. You can also play it on your computer right here.

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